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Things I've faved. ^^


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so much peoples o3o/ *waves at them*
Mon Mar 17, 2014, 10:08 AM
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:D go maith raibh agat (Thanks) for the fave! (I'm sure Wicklow and Ronan would like it too! :) )
Thu Jan 16, 2014, 9:07 AM
Thanks for the fave!
Sun Nov 24, 2013, 1:31 PM
bloop~ ouo <3 lolz
Wed Aug 28, 2013, 8:03 AM
:P HEY! TK! Its awesome to see your artworks day by day! Hope to see more! I love your awesome coloring skills!
Mon Jul 15, 2013, 11:05 PM
Wanted to thank you for the fav and saw this shoutbox :D WOOP WOOP!
Thu May 16, 2013, 4:32 AM
lol thanks .w.
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meow :3
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While some can get some crazy nicknames going on, I like to go by simply TK. I love many types of artwork, and sometimes enjoy experimenting on new themes, forms, or ideas. I try to find inspiration from almost anything, and share my products with friends and maybe even future partners.

Collaborations are rare for me, but I normally have a blast at them. Joining deviant art was probably one of my favorite and best decisions yet. I've learned from many people, and improved over just a short time. So I look forward to a new guest and I'm (almost) always here to share a tip or two.

Say hello, enjoy the galleries, or just ask for a little help. TK is a friend to all who visit.

Youtube: (XChaos00X)

____________________________ Random extra

My birthday badge
Meme by :iconkitamikichi: and Blank
Hello, wonderful writer and your characters!! :D (Big Grin) Are you ready for today's interview? La la la la

My name is Kita, and I'll be interviewing you today! I am not telling years old, and I am a writer, artist and anime lover.

Let's hear about you! [OC's Name, age and a short description]

1. Name: Puff       Age: 30s (originally was 25) 
        Puff is a hokori who was banished from her original home, after many travels she has become quite the independent character. She is strong willed and caring, but sometimes a bit overly so. She always wants to do her best, no matter the cost, and treats those close to her like family.
Puff scene Test by XTKandChaosX

2. Name: Ender       Age: Teens (never figured an age really)
        Ender is a mob monster, with the marks of Ender on him. He was originally hated upon and treated badly for a lack of marking... but during the introductions, he showed his true mark as an Enderdragon, making him the heir of End.
Ender Revamp by XTKandChaosX

3. Name: Xone Breaker   Age: 17
        His real name, unspoken. He is a worker for the company CCC (Create, Construct, Control) and is a slight insomniac. He has many worries upon him and normally has a slight minor depression, but always does the best he can.
Xone base colors by XTKandChaosX

4. Name: Leon de Clora    Age: 2300s (Dragon ages, holy shitake mushrooms)
        Leon is one of the Unity brothers, being a dragon of many elements and abilities. He is known for his very "rainbowic" hair and being quite the gentlemanly type. Always moving about and one for conversation, he also visits London regularly to see someone he adores named Hazel.
Leon De Clora redrawn by XTKandChaosX

5. Name: Aqua        Age: Teens (Shark person~)
        Aqua is a shark like being from the oceans, he has never really had much interaction with humans or his own species. They tend to be very solitary of humanity, but out of curiosity he learned about technology and speech. Having a fascination towards that unknown to him.
Aqua's Secret by XTKandChaosX

6. Name: Grey         Age: 36
        Grey is what is considered... a chimera... he is a rather loner type character with quite the attitude at times. A smoker and a drinker, doesn't seem like the greatest person... but in other terms he can do what some really can't. Making him someone you best think twice about.

Wisked - Grey (Outline) by XTKandChaosX

1) Clap Nice to meet all of you! We'll start with interviewee #6, Grey. Where are you from?
Grey: eh... from... Don't really remember... *looks off* Not important to me really... *puffs a smoke* 

2) Nice! Now, interviewee #4 -- What was your name again? Leon Right. If you could win a trip to anywhere in any universe, where would you choose?
Leon: London, while I do go there often enough I supposeee... I just enjoy being there... it's a wonderful place with history and mystery. ^^

3) That sounds cool. Here's a question for interviewee #1, Puff: What is your favorite food? What if I told you that said food is here in the studio now?
Puff: I love cookiesss >W< But my husby gets a bit upset when I eat them too much. ^^""" I'll pass.

4) There you go. ^^ Okay, interviewee #3, Xone, you're up next. Who's that guy/girl who always gets on your last nerve? Uh-oh, they aren't here for the interview, are they?
Xone: eh, Ace tends to be the one that really can get me upset about things... he busy working though so no biggy... ehehe ^^;

5) All righty! For interviewee #5, Aqua -- tell us the name of your best friend. If that friend is here for the interview, give them a shout-out! 
Aqua; Well she's more of an online friend... but she's a close friend... I never got her real name yet... but she's quite a special person... ^^

6) Oh, interviewee #2 -- Ender, right? If you don't mind me asking, is there anyone you like as more than a friend? Is that person here for the interview?
Ender: oh... ehehe no she isn't here... she is someone from a long time ago actually. ^^; she was a wolf mob... and a good friend to me.

7) Aww, how sweet! Blush Okay, this is a behind-the-scenes question for interviewee #5, Aqua. Do you and your creator get along?
Aqua: We're on good terms, I can't do much in the waterrr though ya know? Not a land walker...

8) Very interesting. Here's a question for Puff, interviewee #1. Behind the scenes, do you interact with any characters who are not from your novel/comic/RP? Or, better yet, have you ever done a crossover??
Puff: eheheh you have noooooo idea. ^^; it's crossover/interaction galour for me~

9) Okay, interviewee #4, Leon, here's a behind-the-scenes question for you: Are you satisfied with your role in your novel/comic/RP? Any words for your creator?
Leon: Yes I am very happy with my role in my story, I enjoy being a good brother and supporter, while also a very dedicated boyfriend. ^/u/^ I wouldn't change a thing.

10) You heard him/her, Mr./Mrs. Creator! XD Now, Grey, interviewee #6, if you could jump into one of the other interviewees' stories, which would you most like to be part of?
Grey: *puffs smoke* Egh... most of them are too vastly different from my own thing... but if anything Aqua's is closest to my own personal comfort... the supernaturals like me and the mysticals like him... *waves off*

11) Interviewee #3, Xone, after being on this interview, do you have any comments for any of your fellow OCs (who you maybe haven't talked to much before)?
Xone: I say you guys are really something different for me to see, keep doing whatever you like. ^^;

12) Last question goes to Ender, interviewee #2! When you're not "on set" in your novel/comic/RP, what do you like to do?
Ender: I like to interact with the other characters, sometimes I go flying and playing around with them. ^^

I LIED! I have a question (or two) for YOU, now, wonderful writer!

13) Do your characters have lives of their own? Maybe they misbehave and don't do what you tell them? If you've got anything to say to them, do it now!
TK: Yes they do have their own lives, sometimes they do some crazy things you just don't see coming. ^^; but it is more fun that way to me~ And they know one thing, never anger a derp like me, or else genderbending/transformation/crazy doom comes <W>/

14) Will you be nicer to these guys from now on? Maybe let them mingle with OCs outside their series when they have time "off set"?
TK: well of courseeee. .w. they do that already~ It's fun seeing them have fun with each other!

15) Last question for real, for all of you: Did you have a fun interview?

Puff: Yes it was fun! owo
Ender: Something outside of the End is always interesting.
Xone: Yup, but I gotta get back to my job, adios! *leaves off*
Leon: it was rather splendid. ^^ Would enjoy another time~
Aqua: Humans ask a lot of interesting questions, my most biggest concern is how did you get me out of the water...

Grey: I ain't into talking... but whatever suits your fancy... *puffs* I'm heading home... *waves off, walks off*


Thanks for being here with me today! :D (Big Grin) Now go ahead and share the fun! Tag a friend or two and tell them to come in for an interview!

My derpy clause is, you do it if ya wanna! owo it's pretty fun so go right ahead! -TK
*Also Thanks :iconellenormererid: for the meme!


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