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While some can get some crazy nicknames going on, I like to go by simply TK. I love many types of artwork, and sometimes enjoy experimenting on new themes, forms, or ideas. I try to find inspiration from almost anything, and share my products with friends and maybe even future partners.

Collaborations are rare for me, but I normally have a blast at them. Joining deviant art was probably one of my favorite and best decisions yet. I've learned from many people, and improved over just a short time. So I look forward to a new guest and I'm (almost) always here to share a tip or two.

Say hello, enjoy the galleries, or just ask for a little help. TK is a friend to all who visit.

Youtube: (XChaos00X)

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My birthday badge
Thankfully it's finally winter break for me, 2 weeks and then some worth of free time to get into posting again. I hope to give you guys something nice to enjoy at the least. My art, even if I have not done it very often in a while has somehow improved thankfully. Grateful for that bit to be honest.

In other terms next year I will be doing dual enrollment for College, so do know that is honestly been why I am very slow on Deviantart now of days. It's not easy doing this and schoolwork at once but I try my best. I want to give you guys something special from me.

Now for some thoughts about projects that I started but never finished. I hate personally when this happens but life really gets in the way of things. You all seen quite a few here and there but trust me it's just a little bunch from a giant pile I got saved up. I want to however get at least some of these projects done.

I so far have at least one story (literal Novel) that is very close to being finished that I will be trying to complete sometime in 2015. The title is Flare and it's a very interesting mixture of Slice of life and supernatural Genres. Sadly I will not give you guys all the details until it is done but do expect me to make you guys at the least some concept art alright?

Next is of course the forever going series, I have about 2-4 of these. They are listed as these: Origin Crossing, Hokori Sagas, CCC, and Eternal Fear. These are collaborative stories (excluding the first one) that have been developing for years now. It's very hard to sort of jump into these projects and continuously work on them to be honest. You want to continue the current story you are on but need to work on the original past stories art wise. Difficult to stay on topic. I will try to get at least some videos of the starting character Bios for a few. Gives you at the least something to work with.

So next bits to be honest are what I call the Story concepts section, which can be literally about 50+ stories or more. I have concepts of some, some written ideas for others, even some characters here and there but never continued past a certain stage to be committed. There are constantly new stories created for this section as well so it's very hard for me to pick up where I left off. But I will want to make a little vote about this perhaps?

For this whole break I will try to stick to one particular story to at least develop better. I will give you guys a good amount of different ones to pick from and we'll see how far we get with them. There's a lot of different styles and genres I have. But I will go by just the few I have drawn something for already and start up from there.


- A sci-fi genre story, it rotates around 4 main characters. The one most important being Motherboard herself, she guides humans to protect themselves from the assault of alien invasions given to them. Only with the simplest request of protecting her and her son. She determines to have one human to herself, to be modified by her needs in being perfect to care for her child. This story continues on as the struggles between being human and being extraterrestrial for the other main character Magen.

Terra Monstra - A Fantasy genre story, the life of a girl, her father and her nephew who are taken away through that of a purple dust storm. This was done by the magic in the lands of Terra Monstra. Where their king has asked for an angel to descend upon them and save their kingdom from self destruction. Together they will grow, struggle, and change with these new lands. For Prisom, our main character, has to decide to either help her family return home where they belong, or to stay and help change this kingdom forever.

Wisked - A Supernatural Genre story, this follows that of a girl who was staying at a hotel with her family. During the night she leaves to use the restroom, after hearing a story about a strange tenant in the hotel. Through an accident she is injured and taken in by Grey. A man that deals with the creatures of unseen. He isn't the nicest man in the world, nor the most best role model. Yet he gets the job done as needed, and the duo now works together in the night to fight against the Unseen now as Chimeras.

Books of the Sini - This is a story series based off the 7 Deadly Sins. This revolves around many characters, who some are reincarnates of the spirits of sin. Two of them, Creed and Cry, stumble upon a book inside of the museum. When they go near it they are greeted by a being inside of the book called Kredir. He informs them of their status and that they must be wary of the other sins who are trying to prevent them from achieving the ultimate goal. To conquer their tormenting sin and be free of the books curse.

Aqua's Secret - A mixture of Slice of life and fantasy, this story revolves around Aqua. A being that is actually a shark creature who lives in the seas. Aqua has always been fascinated about human life and wished to understand them better. One day he befriends online a girl who wishes to meet him in person on the shores. Fearful of the reaction he does so cautiously, learning to discover not only does she accept him but wishes to join him as a creature of the sea. The story revolves around identity, fitting in, and a lot of worldly conflict.

Neo Demons - A demon/spirit story with modern twists, The story revolves around a City that is normal by day but chaotic at night. For at night the 7 Families fight for territory over the city. These creatures are called Neo Demons and each family has their own sinful nature. They fight like gangs and mafias, trying to have control of the city. This story revolves around two Lust Neo Demons, Anta and Kava. Who are students in the day and partners at night. They figure together how to survive the fights between the families and wonder as to why the are forever fighting each other.

Lost Stories: Blackbeard's Immortal Curse, A pirate based story playing with the idea of modern times. This revolves around a girl who stumbled upon a lost page, containing the story of a Pirate called Silver Heart. When someone reads these stories however they are cursed with the same fate as that which owns the original book. Blackbeard. Blackbeard had asked a gypsy long ago for a book of his entire life, and to have immortality he ripped out the pages and they scattered across the sea. Leaving him immortal, but also that of his entire crew. For every story intertwines with another, and now to end this curse they must work together to obtain all the pages once again.

Splitten - A war based twist story, Two siblings are entered into an academy that specializes in keeping children from going into the wars that frequent around the world. May parents wish to have their children taken there but only a few ever do. The siblings soon learn that the school is not what it seems to be. Instead, it is where children are forced to play war games against each other as red and blue. It is recorded and played on television as a popular entertainment series where only the best survive. The brother and sister are now forced to fight against each other, as they try to figure a plan to stop the man who created this terrible game. The General.

Shiro Kage - A mixture of Militarism and Spiritual combat, in the lands of a world that was suddenly plagued by creatures known as Spirit beasts. Some are given the ability to join forces with them, known as Spirit Tamers. These Tamers are stuck between an issue of hatred from the Military government and other Spirit Beasts. We follow that of one called Unohana or simply Hana. Who tries to bridge this barrier of hatred by helping others and searching for the reason why they have come to their reality.
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